WiFi Module V1.0 ESP8266 - M10017 hwrev


The mRo WiFi radio is developed around the very popular ESP8266 module used in many IoT projects. The mRo WiFi module V1.0 comes with a standard JST-GH, allowing you to establish a UDP connection with your computer or mobile device and use mobile ground stations.

Comes with the latest Ardupilot ESP8266 firmwareopen in new window developed by Andrew Tridge. This new firmware has a nice web interface, MavLink2 support, and an easier way to do future updates via the web interface.

Normal Usage

If connected to Serial1/Telem1 these parameters should be set on the autopilot (if using another telemetry port, replace the “1” in the parameter name with the telemetry port’s number):

If you have problems connecting, it may help to set BRD_SER1_RTSCTSopen in new window = 0 to disable flow control although this is not normally necessary


1 (Red)VCC in5V
2 (Blk)ESP RXD3.3V
3 (Blk)ESP TXD3.3V
4 (Blk)NCNA
5 (Blk)NCNA
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