mRo Pixracer R15

PixRacer has all the capabilities of the original Pixhawk (including version 2) and even more! It is optimized in size and has just about the right amount of inputs/outputs that allow you to switch from a full-enriched autopilot stack system (with auto landing and full navigation) to a high-performance racing platform.

R15 has an updated accelerometer/gyro, magnetometer, and is ROHS (Lead Free). It also includes an ESP8266 for easy WiFi updates and comes with the latest Ardupilot ESP8266 firmwareopen in new window developed by Andrew Tridge. This new firmware has a nice web interface, MavLink2 support, and an easier way to do future updates via the web interface.


SpecificationsmRo PixRacer R15
Main Processor32-bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 core with FPU rev.3 168 MHz
IO ProcessorNo
Flash2 MB FRAM
Crypto / Hash ProcessorNo
Accelerometers / Gyros / Mags2 / 2 / 2
SensorsInvensense/TDK ICM-20602 (6DOF)
Invensense/TDK MPU-9250 (9DOF)
Sensors – DampenedNone
Internal MagnetometerAK8963 inside MPU-9250 and ST LIS3MDL
BarometerMEAS MS5611
Interfaces and Protocols5x UART (serial ports)[2x with HW flow control and GPS+I2C®].

1x PPM sum input signal 6x PWM outputs
1x RSSI (PWM or voltage) input
1x I2C
1x SPI
1x CAN
1x JTAG (Debuging & programming interface)
8x OneShot PWM output (Configurable)
1x External microUSB port

Dronecode Debug connector.
WiFi Telemetry & firmware update via ESP8266 (Included).
JST-GH connectors using Dronecode connector standard.

Supported RC input protocols:
Spektrum DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X® Satellite compatible input up to DX9 and above.
Futaba S.BUS® & S.BUS2® compatible input.
FRSky Telemetry port output.
Graupner SUMD.Yuneec ST24.
Connectors-JST GH series connectors
-Servo Header
-Onboard MicroUSB
-2x 5 header (Esp-01)
Pin HeadersYes
Conformal CoatingAvailable
Extended Testing and Burn InNo
Custom Carrier Board SupportNo
DimensionsWidth: 36mm (1.42”)
Length: 36mm (1.42”)
Weight10.54g (.37 oz)
Mounting Holes30mm x 30mm (1.18″x1.18″)
Protector CaseOptional
Typical Platforms-Multirotor
-Boats -Submarines
-Automatic Tractors

3D Model


The mRo Pixracer R15 is compatible with the following firmware:


  • ArduCopter 4.x
  • ArduPlane 4.x
  • ArduRover 4.x


  • PX4 V1.8 (and further versions)

Normal Usage Guide

All connectors follow the Dronecode connector standard. Unless noted otherwise, all connectors are JST-GH.


Telemetry Ports


Basic GPS Port


CAN Port


I²C Port


SPI Port


Analog Power Port




3D Modelopen in new window

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