ACSP4 Power Module - M10026A hwrev

Ultra-Low Noise power supply with current and voltage sensing as well as Power Distribution layout.


  • Max Current Sensing - 90A
  • Max Voltage input - 42V
  • Max Current from 12V Power Supply - 3A
  • Max Current from 5V Power Supply - 3A
  • Max wire gauge (AWG) for battery input - 8
  • Supports up to 6 ESCs


  • Board Weight: 5.90g (0.208 oz)
  • Board Dimensions:
    • 36mm x 36mm (1.02"x1.02")
    • 30.5mm x 30.5mm Hole Spacing Square Spacing


  • CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 50V RADIAL or better

[Designed and manufactured in USA]

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